Indiana Pacers 2012-2013 Season Preview

Here we go. The 2012-2013 NBA season kicks off on Tuesday, with the Indiana Pacers opening their campaign against the Raptors in Toronto on Wednesday. It’s an exciting time to be a Pacers fan, after this rising team of young talents and experienced veterans defied expectations to finish with a 42-24 record last season (equivalent […]


Indiana Pacers 2011-2012 Player Reviews

I had intended to review each player separately, but the imminence of the upcoming 2012-2013 season combined with my laziness has made this an impossible endeavor. So here’s my condensed version of the Indiana Pacers player reviews for the 2011-2012 season. Danny Granger 2011-2012 season averages: 62 games, 18.7 points, 5.0 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 41.6% […]

Pacers preseason roundup

Man, time sure does fly. The Indiana Pacers have one more preseason game left against the Chicago Bulls before they open their 2012-2013 campaign on the road against the Toronto Raptors. Expectations are admittedly mixed with this year’s group. On the one hand they lost solid guys like Darren Collison, Jeff Foster, Lou Amundson, Dahntay […]

All 5 Pacers starters rank in top 100 in ESPN Player Rankings 2012

There hasn’t been much going on since the Olympics, except this ESPN Player Rankings thingy that attempts to rank all 500 players in the NBA. It’s taken a while, but finally all Pacers players have appeared. The full rankings list of the Pacers roster can be found here. All five Pacers starters are in the […]

Finally, Reggie Miller is a Hall of Famer Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller was finally inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend, along with former Pacers legend Mel Daniels. I say “finally” even though this is only his second year of eligibility because I, like many others, thought he should have been on the ballot last year. This is not […]

Pacers in the running for Anthony Tolliver

It’s been pretty much dead around here since the Pacers missed out on OJ Mayo. Let’s see…Danny Granger bought a house in California — does that mean he is considering heading over there permanently in the near future? Brian Shaw is staying for another year as associate head coach, as far as we know. Bankers Life […]

Pacers fans can give up: Mayo signs with Mavs

Swingman OJ Mayo has signed a multi-year with the Dallas Mavericks. Not that he was going to join the Pacers anyway, but this has officially put the dreams to sleep, so to speak. Mayo was almost in a Pacers uniform a couple of times in the past, but the Josh McRoberts trade supposedly fell apart […]

Pacers’ offseason update #8: we’re just about done

We already knew this was coming so it’s not exactly news. But still, it’s now official: the Indiana Pacers have succeeded in their two top-priority tasks of this offseason — re-signing Roy Hibbert and George Hill. Although new Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard says the team is never done looking for ways to improve, chances are […]

Pacers’ offseason update #7: Pacers sign Green, Augustin as expected

Okay. So now the Darren Collison/Dahntay Jones trade for Ian Mahinmi is starting to make a little more sense, at least from a personnel-shifting perspective. Whether it will translate to a better team remains to be seen. The Pacers have signed swingman Gerald Green (who last played for the Nets) and point guard DJ Augustin […]

Pacers’ offseason update #6: Hibbert to stay, Collison/Dahntay to go

This smelly offseason just took another turn for the Indiana Pacers and I am not sure what to make of it yet. First of all, Roy Hibbert is remaining a Pacer. That takes care of the biggest question mark this offseason for the Pacers. The Pacers decided to match (as I thought they would all […]

Pacers’ offseason update #5: is there anyone left?

Still no moves from the Pacers in this crazy offseason. Steve Nash makes the Lakers contenders once again in the West. Ray Allen makes the Heat favorites again in the East. Native son Eric Gordon says he wants to go to Phoenix; New Orleans intends to match. Jason Kidd goes to New York, making them […]

Pacers offseason update #4: this sucks!

Well this has certainly turned out to be a sh%*tty offseason for the Indiana Pacers, who apparently had so much promise with their ample “cap space.” The only good thing that has happened so far is that George Hill has re-signed for 5 years. Roy Hibbert‘s future remains up in the air with that max offer […]

Pacers offseason update #3: don’t go, Roy!

The Pacers’ offseason has gotten off to a rocky start. First of all, Roy Hibbert got a max contract offer from the Portland Trailblazers — $58 million for 4 years. Frankly, that stinks.  Not because Roy is likely to leave Indiana because I doubt the Pacers would allow that to happen, but because it means […]


The Pacers select…Miles Plumlee?!

The dust has settled and the verdict is in. The Pacers’ selection with the 26th pick of the 2012 NBA Draft, Duke senior Miles Plumlee, is widely regarded as one of the worst (or as some have said, most “laughable”) of the entire night. A D-, or at worst, an F, is what the majority of […]

Pacers offseason update #2: possibilities

Okay, so as it turned out, I was wrong. Larry Bird, despite sounding like he wanted to return, will resign as Pacers president. He’ll apparently stick around for the draft, but after that, he will be replaced by the familiar face of Donnie Walsh, who is coming off a one-year hiatus as Knicks president. Dang. […]