Pacers win first game of season against Bobcats

Great win today by the Indiana Pacers, their first of this new season.  And for the first time in a very very long time, the Pacers are at 0.500! Anyway, they beat the Charlotte Bobcats 104-101 in a tight one, the victory only secured when former Pacer Stephen Jackson missed a wide open three with […]

Pacers fall to Spurs in opener but show promise

Let’s face it, it would have been nice to get the win but the loss was not completely unexpected. In a brutal start to the 2010-2011 season, the Indiana Pacers stumbled to a 122-109 loss to the San Antonio Spurs.  The Pacers did well to come back from a double-digit margin late in the third […]

Broken Promise: Pacers release Magnum Rolle

The season hasn’t even started yet and Pacers management has already broken its first promise. Unfortunately, in order to trim the roster to the league requirement of 15 players, the Pacers released promising 2nd round pick, power forward Magnum Rolle. The Pacers were unbelievably high on this kid, hyping him up from the time he […]

Pacers getting zero respect this season

I don’t for one second pretend that the Pacers will be a ‘good’ team in the NBA this season, but the lack of respect they have been getting from the ‘experts’ in the media has been downright puzzling. According to a panel ESPN experts, the Pacers will be horrendous this season.  The average prediction is […]


Pacers Pre-Season Round Up

I kid you not.  I spent about an hour preparing a detailed post but lost it all.  Life is too short, so let me run through what has been happening with the Indiana Pacers in a more concise manner. Regular season commences next week! The regular season tips off for the Pacers Wednesday night against […]

NBA 2K11 Preview: This Video is so Wrong!

  The Pacers’ training camp has started, and I’ll get to that shortly.  But first, let’s talk about the upcoming NBA 2K11, which is promising to be the greatest basketball sim of all time, and not just because Michael Jordan is on the cover and in the game. MrOperationSports has been posting some nicely crafted […]

Brandon Rush Suspended 5 Games for Drug-Use

The good news just keeps coming…Brandon Rush of the Indiana Pacers has been suspended 5 games (ie first 5 games of the upcoming season) for testing positive to marijuana for the third time.  Under current arrangements, teams do not find out about failed tests until a player is suspended. According to Indystar: “All NBA players […]

ESPN disses Pacers; 4th worst team in NBA

I found this a little hard to believe, and even harder to swallow.  ESPN Insider ranked all 30 teams in the NBA following a crazy offseason.  Given the praises critics have sung about the drafting of Paul George, Magnum Rolle and Lance Stephenson (before his most recent troubles) and the acquisitions of Darren Collison and […]


10 Questions Facing the Indiana Pacers in 2010-2011

First of all, Pacers Pulse got a mention in Dime magazine on an article predicting the team’s future!  Check it out here. Anyway, with training camp just a few weeks away, it’s time to have a think about how the Pacers will do this upcoming season.  After not doing much for the majority of the […]


You’ve gotta be kidding: Pacers rookie arrested

A sudden and unexpected piece of news is bringing Pacers fans (still on a high from the Darren Collison acquisition) back down to earth. Yes.  Lance Stephenson, the promising second round pick in the 2010 draft, has been arrested in New York for pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.  He has been charged with […]

Granger leads Team USA past China

Good news.  Looks like Danny Granger’s dislocated finger isn’t a problem.  Granger led Team USA with 22 points in a scrimmage over China.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first time Granger has led the team in scoring. Even more promising, ESPN’s David Thorpe believes Granger will be the second most valuable […]


There is a God! Pacers get Collison and Posey for Murphy

I’m excited. Finally, finally, the Indiana Pacers have done something this offseason.  In a four-team, five-player trade, the Pacers sent Mr. Double-Double Troy Murphy to the New Jersey Nets in return for Darren Collison and James Posey from the New Orleans Hornets. Trevor Ariza went from the Rockets to the Hornets and Courteney Lee went […]


Breaking down the Pacers’ schedule for the 2010-2011 season!

The NBA season schedule for 2010-2011 has been released. Of course, the Indiana will play 82 games like every other team in the league, but the way the schedule is arranged could make or break a fragile team like the Pacers. Breaking down the schedule The Pacers play their first game on 27 October 2010 […]

Granger Dislocates Finger During Team USA Scrimmage

More bad news for the Indiana Pacers. Danny Granger, the team’s best player, dislocated the ring finger on his right hand while contesting a shot during Team USA’s final scrimmage. It was put back into place almost immediately, though X-rays will show whether Granger will miss any significant time. Having disclocated a pinky playing basketball […]

ESPN Predicts Pacers to go 10th in East next season

It’s been a little slow here given it’s the offseason and all, and the Pacers, despite talking about making major changes all summer long, have not actually done anything except sign their new rookies. So in an Eastern Conference that has seen some dramatic changes over the last few months — starting with Lebron and […]