Pacers Pulse is back, but the Pacers’ pulse is weak

I won’t bore you with why I haven’t posted for about three weeks, but it was probably for the best given how tragic the Indiana Pacers have been throughout this stretch. My last post came after the Pacers overcame the Orlando Magic at home on Nov. 28. From that point on they would go lost […]

David West and CJ Watson return as Pacers roll Magic

Yeah baby. David West shows he’s still got it. Returning from an ankle injury that had kept him out of every game this season, West had a very solid 18. 6 and 4 stat line in boosting the Pacers past the Magic, 98-85. CJ Watson was also back to play his first game, and he […]

Pacers compete against Spurs after beating Mavs

It was a massive surprise to me that the Pacers were able to beat the Mavs in Dallas. I thought it would be a damn miracle if they manage to beat the Spurs in San Antone. Of course, they didn’t, but they almost made me believe they could. The Pacers had led most of the […]

Pacers get crushed by Suns at home as injuries reappear

Injuries or not, the outcome of this one was never really in doubt. The Indiana Pacers just don’t match up well against the Phoenix Suns. Without Paul George, David West, George Hill, CJ Watson and CJ Miles, they don’t really stand a chance. And with Roy Hibbert and Rodney Stuckey injurying themselves during the game, […]

Solomon Hill tip at buzzer stuns Lance, Hornets

Take that, Lance Stephenson! Bet Born Ready was not ready for the injury-depleted Indiana Pacers to have a better record than his Charlotte Hornets, regardless of how early it is in the season. And yet, after the Pacers nipped the Hornets, 88-86, the reality is now that Indiana (5-7) have a better record than Charlotte […]

Pacers stun Rose-less Bulls in Chicago

Well there you go. Shortly after I posted about how the Pacers are going to have some nights where the effort will be enough to overcome the talent gap, they go right into Chicago and outwork the Bulls for a 99-90 victory. Yes, the Bulls were without Derrick Rose, but the Pacers were without Paul […]

The Two Faces of November

That’s what happens when your team is decimated by injuries. They fight hard, and on some nights it’s enough, and on others, when the effort is not there, they get smashed. Exhibit A, the Indiana Pacers over the last couple of games. First up, they head to Miami after snapping a 6-game losing streak against […]

Pacers overcome Jazz, snap 6-game losing streak

Remember the time when everyone thought AJ Price was a nice guy, but not good enough to be a third-string guard for a championship contender? Well he’s become the Pacers’ savior now. Signed on Nov. 6 to fill up all the holes in the Pacers’ decimated roster — and only after plans to sign Gal […]

Pacers suffer 6th consecutive loss as Hibbert injured

This has to be a joke, right? The last remaining healthy starter on the Pacers’ roster, Roy Hibbert, played only 11 minutes because of a bruised knee suffered in the first quarter when he tried to set a screen for a teammate. Now the Pacers are without Paul George, David West, George Hill, CJ Watson, […]

Pacers fall to Celtics for 5th straight loss

It’s getting laughable now. Having already lost Paul George, David West, George Hill, CJ Watson and Rodney Stuckey to injuries, the Pacers are also now without CJ Miles. That’s arguably 6 of the team’s top 7 players. And all they’ve got in return is…AJ Price! That’s right, the former Pacer has been re-signed because Gal […]

Donald Sloan pours in 31 in OT loss to Wizards

The Pacers are still losing, but it’s actually kinda fun watching them being competitive while the tanking process continues. Donald Sloan, the backup to the backup last year, has been forced to play significant minutes for the first time in his career due to injuries to George Hill and CJ Watson (and to a less […]

That’s right, the Pacers lost to the Bucks at home

So THIS is what the Pacers look like when Chris Copeland leads them in scoring every night. The fans wanted to see more of Copeland and they’ve gotten their wish. Since winning their first game of the 2014-2015 season against the tanking Philadelphia 76ers, the Indiana Pacers have dropped three straight, with the latest being […]

Pacers succumb to Hawks 102-92, fall to 1-2 on season

Another game, another loss. I guess Pacers fans better start getting used to this. The Pacers, like they did in last season’s playoffs, fell behind early, but this time, failed to recover. They got within striking distance in the fourth thanks to a barrage of three-pointers and some great hustle plays from Chris Copeland, who led the […]

Pacers fall to Grizz, 1-1 on the new season

The final score, 97-89, was not unexpected. The Pacers are still missing all their regular starters except for Hibbert, and the Grizzlies are a legitimate dark horse in the tough Western Conference. What was surprising is that the Pacers held a double digit lead in the first half until a 33-14 third quarter killed any […]

Pacers overcome 76ers in season opener, 103-91

First of all, let’s put things in perspective. It’s just one game. It was at home. And it was against the young Philadelphia Tankers, widely tipped to be one of the worst teams in the league this season. But hey, a win is a win, and considering the spate of bad luck to hit the […]