Indiana Pacers 2010-2011 Player Review: Jeff Foster

Wow, the 2011-2012 season is about to begin shortly and I still haven’t finished my 2010-2011 player reviews.  Better get a move on then. Up next is Jeff Foster, the ageing 34-year-old veteran who is on the verge of re-signing a one-year contract with the Pacers. In 2010-2011, Mr Pacer only played in 56 games […]

Pacers to re-sign Foster, ship Posey, give up on Nene

While the rest of the world is still trying to digest the Chris Paul to LA Lakers trade that never was but may still yet happen, the Pacers have been busy trying to reshape their own roster. One of the first things they will do is re-sign Jeff Foster to a one year contract so […]

Pacers lose Dunleavy to Bucks, expected to sign Pendergraph

Lots of craziness in the NBA today.  First, Chris Paul was going to the Lakers via Houston for essentially Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, angering the crap out of everyone as it looked like the Lakers might pull off the impossible task of acquiring both Paul AND Dwight Howard.  Then, amidst all the protesting, NBA […]

Breaking down the Pacers’ 2011-2012 schedule

Well, it’s here: the 2011-2012 NBA Schedule.  The post-lockout, condensed, 66-game season. It was announced earlier that each team would have to play at least one back-to-back-to-back during the shortened season, and I thought the Pacers would be one of the teams that played more than one.  I was right. That said, the schedule makers […]


Pacers in Rondo talks?

Yahoo’s Adian Wojnarowski just reported that the Pacers are in talks with the Celtics to potentially land their superstar guard Rajon Rondo (check out the report here).  It’s really part of Boston’s grand plan to land Chris Paul (although reports suggest Paul wouldn’t re-sign with the Celtics), and since New Orleans would prefer to rebuild […]


Can Pacers really land David West or Nene? Should they?

Before all this lockout nonsense began, it was a well-known fact that the Indiana Pacers were in pursuit of a big name big man through free agency — namely David West and Nene. Now the lockout is almost over, it’s time to take a look at whether the Pacers really can land one of these […]

Indiana screwed by new collective bargaining agreement?

Here we go!  With the end of the lockout essentially a formality now, it’s time to start looking at the upcoming season, set to start on Christmas Day. According to ESPN, the Pacers are one of the teams that got screwed by the proposed new agreement because the Pacers had been patient in saving cap […]

NBA Lockout almost over?

Apparently, a tentative deal has been reached.  Rejoice! The owners and players still need to vote in order for a 66-game season to commence on Christmas Day.  Considering how everyone is so sick and tired of this lockout, hopefully it will be no more than a formality. Danny Granger tweeted: “I’m pretty sure the vote […]

Yay! News!

As we watch yet another day, week, month slip away from the 2011-2012 NBA season, there is not much to do around here except sigh.  The Pacers could have been leading the Central Division right now, but instead, the only piece of news is that TJ Ford, former Pacers guard who had no chance in […]

Reviewing ESPN’s Pacers Player Rankings

Thanks to the ongoing lockout, there’s not much to get excited about when it comes to the NBA these days.  Two weeks have been cancelled and it seems an entire season is at serious risk if something is not ironed out in the near future.  In the meantime, owners continue to cry poor, players continue […]

Preseason cancelled, Pacers schedule scrimmages!

Gosh, is it September already? As expected, the NBA lockout is continuing, with no end in sight.  A couple of days ago it was announced that the preseason has now been cancelled, which was a foregone conclusion anyway so no one is even mildly surprised. The good news is that the Indiana Pacers are not […]

ESPN’s 5-on-5 for the Pacers + my take

Boy has it been slow around here with the lockout.  I just hope Pacers players are more motivated and dedicated than I am when it comes to their team. Anyway, in a rare bit of news, ESPN has been running a series of 5-on-5 (5 fact or fiction questions put to 5 experts) on each […]

Paul George mentioned as most promising SG

My player review for the 2010-2011 season will resume shortly, but in the meantime let me share love for Paul George in ESPN’s latest 5-on-5 in which they discussed NBA shooting guards. One of the questions was “Who’s the most promising shooting guard in the NBA?”.  While most predictably picked Indiana native Eric Gordon, the […]

Pacers coaching staff set; schedule out

Boy it’s quiet around here during the offseason. Since the NBA has locked out its players, the only news we have on the Pacers is the hiring of the coaching staff and front office personnel.  And if you believe coaches have a significant impact on the team, then Pacers fans certainly have something to be […]