WE WANT MELO! How the Pacers Can Convince Carmelo To Come Here in 2011

As an Indiana Pacers, you have to be psyched for the 2011 NBA Free Agency. We all know what has happened this year but there are also some pretty darn good free agents coming into 2011. With the likes of Tony Parker and several others coming in, the guy I am really looking forward to […]

Get Ekpe

Right now, Ekpe Udoh is receiving a lot of hate. A bunch of teams haven’t been favoring Baylor’s forward Ekpe Udoh because he is entering the NBA Draft at the age of 23. A lot of players over 22 years of age receive a lot of criticism and have bad track records in the NBA. […]

Ex-Pacer On the Move?

After being released by the Indiana Pacers a few months ago, Travis Diener was eventually picked up by the Portland Trail Blazers. That year for Diener was just a waste and had no point or value to it at all. First of all, he had a major toe injury that forced him to miss most […]

Why the Pacers Won’t Be Leaving Indiana

Okay, seriously, I am getting tired of these rumors of the Pacers moving. I really don’t think it’s going to happen at all. It’ll never happen. NEVER! I have so many reasons, so let’s start now. Yes, yes, Indiana has been going to financial troubles and there are those rumors of them that they might […]

Pacers Beat Cavs, 116-113

Granger played well with 36 points. I like that. I like what the Pacers are doing right now. I see a good team next year. Good wins so far. This is a good one, too. But in my opinion, I feel that they just got lucky because LeBron was out. They won by three points […]

Winning Time: Pacers-Knicks and the Legacy of Reggie Miller

Wow. What a movie. A great documentary by Dan Klores. This movie was really special towards Pacers fans, and come on some of you Knick fans: you know you probably kind of liked that movie, too. I am glad such a documentary was recorded like this. The Pacers haven’t seen that much national attention since […]

A Bright Future

The Pacers stand at a 21-43 record during the 2009-10 season right now. Last two seasons, Indiana was 36-46. Their last playoff appearence was in the 2005-06 season and they are quite known for a brawl just about a year before that. So as you can tell, the last few years haven’t been so great […]